- Our team comprises Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Environmentalists and Ecologists, Administration, Senior and Junior Technicians, and support staff.

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Through our pursuit of excellence and professionalism in service, unique management capabilities and clientele relationship, we have successfully earned recognition as a significant player in the Construction industry.

Why Choose Us?

- We are a team that is capable of translating a client’s dream into technical knowledge that a builder can understand;

- We design with foresight, saving money for the client through a great choice of materials and other economic design solutions;

- We are able to give professional solutions to client’s problems through our consultancy service;

- We have a good balance of both young and experienced professionals giving innovative & practical solutions;

- Architects know how to design functional and comfortable buildings;

- We design unique and specific spaces that function well and are comfortable;

- We take a holistic approach into commodity firmness and delight;

- We have a wide range of services needed to complete a project in the construction industry;

- We are a Private Limited company that is legally registered by the laws of Zimbabwe, hence it’s more secure to deal with us;

- Architecture is also a part of our cultures of all societies.