Our CIVIL ENGINEERING work encompasses design and construction.

Part of Works Executed:

- Feasibility studies on the water supply and sewage disposal adequacy;

- Capacity assessment of existing trunk sewers;

- Preparation of bills of quantities, tender documents, bid evaluation and contract drafting;

- Design of roads and stormwater drainage;

- Design of water reticulation;

- Design of sewage reticulation;

- Design of sewage ponds and associated works;

- Design of Drag Hose Irrigation;

- Design of flood and overhead irrigation;

- Design of gravity canals and pump houses;

- Project Management.


Takantara Infrastuctural Development

Client: Norton Town Council

Zvishavane Housing Development

Client: Mimosa Mining Company

Mabelreign Housing Development

Client: Genesis Investment Bank

Town Center Roads Upgrade

Client: Gokwe North R.D.C.

Service Center Sewerage Reticulation

Client: U.M.P Zvataida R.D.C.

Marshlands Infrastructural Development

Client: Damofalls Infrastructural Development

Hayhill Development

Client: Craftcall Investments

Chitora II Irrigation Scheme

Client: Craftcall Investments

Ruwa Town Center Infrastructural Development

Client: Goromonzi R.D.C.

Njelele & Mapfungautsi Infrastructural Development Project

Client: Gokwe R.D.C.

Saturday Retreat Housing Project

Client: ZIMTA

Rifle Range Infrastructural Development

Client: Municipality of Chegutu

Inverangus Phase II Infrastructural Development

Client: Damofalls Investments